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Our customer required developing a SaaS platform that allows establishing agreements of any complexity using Blockchain technology.

This system is based on Smart Contracts in combination with Ricardian contracts. In its essence, the platform provides decentralized contracts that can be executed and read by a machine, as well as humans, and be legally binding.


Our customer required developing a SaaS platform that allows establishing agreements of any complexity using Blockchain technology.

We aimed to establish a custom secure system that guarantees the integrity and preservation of user data while enabling users to create blockchain contracts. The set of functionality and tech solutions needed to provide a convenient workflow for various juridical procedures.

Our Solution Our Solution

  • To achieve the platform’s goals, we employed the Contract - a blend of paper, smart, and Ricardian contracts - that provides users with multiple online tools, including contract templates, negotiation capabilities, an online chat, a shareable contract link, document management, and more.
  • We also developed a marketplace integrated with the blockchain system that supports flexible categorization, search, and filtering of relevant items.
  • To introduce an effective monetization process, we included user billing through the introduction of tokens (internal currency).
  • To ensure proper convenient analytics, our team developed a system that will report to the owner and users the data necessary for operating activities.
  • We also created a custom versioning system for documents based on the Git versioning that contains the necessary functionality: editing tools, creation tools, restricted areas of editing, keeping track of change history.
  • The private chat functionality enables parties to discuss the content of each chapter of the considered contract with viewed threads of changes to configure the whole agreement. It ensures the transparency and visibility of the whole process.
  • The overall list of the solution functionality is well-tuned to ensure all the necessary features and full-scale workflow of contacts and documents management.

Tech stackTech stack

The basis of our technical solution was the microservice architecture





Blockchain platform:

Hyperledger Fabric





Key results Key results

Key results

As a result, our customer received a secure functionality-rich platform that is about to revolutionize the worldwide document flow and contract negotiation procedures. The software is built on the unique concepts that enable the possibility of fully digitalized assets instead of regular contracts, records, and documents. The system is patent-pending.

At this point, our customer is kicking off the Series A fundraising. The project is mostly focused on the real estate industry now that is expected to reach a value of nearly $7227.13 billion by 2022, significantly growing at a CAGR of 13.9% during the forecast period, according to The Business Research Company. Further on, the system will cover all other niches and transform into an industry-agnostic legal contract and transaction platform.