Our Main PrioritiesOur Main Priorities

Our Main Priorities

Before you choose our app testing services, you’ll probably want to know why you should trust us. To put it simply, before you sign any contract, you’ll want to make sure you are dealing with true experts in the field of automation testing services.

The key priorities of our service include the following:
  • We are always focused on quality, not quantity. All testers working within our company are experienced and certified. They do their up most best to find any critical issues and fix them.
  • Always delivering the best results. No matter where you are, you can always get in touch with us and order acceptance testing services. Our goal is to always to be the best and help our clients beat the market competition.
  • We are your reliable partners. Working with us at Crystal Logic is a partnership. Our competent team are always ready to provide your developers or clients with seamless feedback and dedicated support.

Crystal Logic Is Your Application Testing CompanyCrystal Logic Is Your

We are a professional offshore software testing company that deals with reputable and professional engineers, testers and team leaders. All of them work cohesively pursuing one goal - delivering professional quality assurance and testing services.

To deliver the best results, we use state-of-the-art technology and the latest software archetypes. to put it simply, we are a goal-oriented company that constantly strives to reach perfection. Thanks to our app testing services our clients have managed to build disruptive business models that have helped increase their annual revenue. We deliver a set of comprehensive independent software testing solutions that will ensure the working of systems. We are proud of our team of professionals that deliver professional mobile app testing services.

Crystal Logic Is Your Application Testing Company

What Kind of Quality Assurance Services Do We Offer?What Kind of Quality

What Kind of Quality Assurance Services Do We Offer
Here is the detailed list of services that we deliver:
  • Performance testing services. Our experts check whether your system can stand an overload, identify the main bottlenecks and define the maximum load of your app.
  • Security testing. Thanks to our security testing services, your business will definitely be protected from all kinds of cyber attacks.
  • Functional testing. Our team of professional testers will check the flawless functionality of the whole system.
  • Localization testing. Thanks to the localization service, your app will speak the language that your client does.
  • Compatibility testing. We’ll check the complete app’s compatibility with other mobile devices. The key objective of our company is to deliver apps of the best quality. Therefore, before you get your order, we test your app to make sure it is compatible with all browsers and devices. This option includes cross-platform testing (we check whether the app runs under different types of OS) and cross-browser testing (we’ll check whether the app has the same user visual experience on different devices and delivers the same functional behavior).
  • Usability testing. Thanks to our time-proven usability methodology, we’ll help you find out whether your app is user-friendly.
  • Regression testing.

Why Crystal Logic?Why Crystal Logic?

We have a team of certified software quality engineers. Software testing services are impossible without a professional team of experts. We employ only true professionals in this niche. All of them are highly motivated and result-oriented. They are constantly working on the improvement of our workflows.

Comprehensive QA knowledge. Each person working for our company is well-versed in all testing types. Whether they are working on performance or regression testing, the best results are always guaranteed! 100% transparency. We value the demands of our clients and their time. We understand that the requirements for this or that process can change. Our approach relies on trust. You can always get in contact with us in case you have questions related to your order. At any time you can get full access to complete QA reporting to learn more about test coverage, results, status reports, etc.

Full life cycle. When dealing with our software testing company, you’ll get one pervasive testing ecosystem that can provide you with the best end to end testing services.Unbiased testing and QA services that deliver the best possible results. We also provide the best test automation services. With many years of experience in this niche we have developed a test automation service package that allows us to deliver the best results.You can hire us from anywhere in the world. We are an outsourcing software testing services company. It doesn’t matter where you are, just get in touch with our support team and they will help tackle your challenge.

Why Choose Us

Why Crystal Logic?How Do We Transform

How Do We Transform Web App Testing
  • Passionate and professional testers. Crystal Logic has an experienced team of testers who adore their job. We can guarantee that when you deal with us, you’ll be working with a team of professional testers that are ready to take care of your project. Every team has a dedicated project manager who will always be in touch.
  • You can rely on us because we know how to create QA that really works. We develop effective software testing strategies that allow us to deliver the best results. First, we create a plan to follow, thereafter we assign the best team to execute it.
  • We always keep our clients in the loop regarding every stage of the software testing process.

A Few Things That Allow Us to Stay the Best Software Testing CompanyA Few Things That Allow

We have been in this business for many years and have worked with hundreds of clients. Our main mission is to deliver world-class software testing services. We understand that success is not accidental. We understand that we need to work hard to achieve the best results, and are proud of being a unique software testing company that always adheres to its core values and serves its main mission.

Here are a few reasons that allow us to be the best in our niche:
  • We are constantly learning. As the world evolves, we should also.
  • Our experts always visit technical seminars and workshops that allow them to improve their testing skills.
  • We love spending time together with our team. You know that the success of your project is contingent by the team you work with, so to deliver the best quality we enjoy a variety of corporate events on a regular basis.
  • We value our clients and their personal time, and defeatism is not something we engage in. Even if the deadline is just around the corner, we canguarantee that we’ll definitely meet the deadline.

Maybe you have some clarification-seeking questions? You would like to talk to our support team? Feel free to contact us at any time We are always here to deliver the best application testing services that will help make your project much better!

A Few Things That Allow Us to Stay the Best Software Testing Company

Don’t hesitate and contact us right now to discuss the details we would love to colaborate with you!