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Mobile applications today help us perform numerous routine tasks. Often, people store the most important information on their phones. Apps are created for most various purposes, in different formats, and with various features in store.

There is but one ultimate requirement when it comes to a good mobile app - quality. Mobile performance testing is an affair that requires a unique approach, unlike in the case of any other type of software. The paramount importance of mobile app testing shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially, if we are talking about commercial business apps. Thus, all the performance nuances of your dedicated app may influence your whole business. Our in-house and outsourced teams offer mobile application testing services of various complexity and thoroughness to fit particular cases. With any type of testing, however, we always go through the code, identify and analyze flaws and errors, and provide the most optimal code enhancements.

What we do exactly:
  • Mobile App Usability Testing
  • Mobile App Functional Testing
  • Mobile App Performance Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Mobile App Automation Testing
  • Localization Testing for Mobile Applications
  • Accessibility Testing of Mobile Apps

With the help of mobile app usability testing, we can check the main features of the app, its functionality and accessibility. When it comes to mobile software, the balance between the major function of the app and its UX is crucial. Our team will make sure that all the bits and pieces of your software are in place, everything works correctly, and all components are correctly synchronized and timely respond to user actions.

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What We DoWhat We Do

Mobile Test App

We conduct end-to-end mobile functional testing to identify how correctly the basic code operates and perform regression testing to determine new software errors in existing software areas.

It may so happen that a mobile app performs slowly at a low-speed Internet connection or when interfered by other devices. We know exactly the points that may hinder offline performance and speed of load. With thorough mobile performance testing, we can identify problematic areas and offer the most optimal solutions. Applications that are used simultaneously by many people require special service. Especially, if we’re talking about security, if it’s a banking app or something like that.

IWe also conduct mobile security testing to identify software loopholes and hacking opportunities to make sure that the app efficiently protects all the private content\ and can resist hack attacks such as SQL-injection. Our tester team employs a variety of mobile app testing tools, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services Device Farm) or e2e test, which can greatly facilitate the work of developers, as well as identify a number of errors that are hard to come across manually.

Crystal Logic expertise:
  • Individual approach to client requirements. We work based closely on your vision and expectations from the final product to use proper mobile device testing methods.
  • Quick and progressive testing. We use progressive methods of mobile app testing and offer accelerated testing for urgent cases.
  • In-depth mobile application testing software expertise. We take on any software formats, requirements, and specifics, having access to efficient testing tools for everything.
  • Detailed reporting. Our experts always describe in detail all the mobile testing routine carried out with the app, the results of the work done, the problems encountered and, most importantly, related solutions.
  • Complex approach. Only an all-around take on testing can provide impeccable results. We test manually as well as use mobile automation testing capacities to get the best of both worlds.
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Crystal Logic Mobile Testing WorkflowCrystal Logic Mobile Testing

mobile testing workflow

First off, we establish a firm contact with the client. For effective interaction during mobile testing, we assign a Team Leader (TL) with both technical and managerial skills.

TL translates all the information, adjusts mutual understanding and, all in all, helps achieve the greatest match of the team’s work with client expectations.

We focus strictly on the requirements and qualities that your product must meet. A dedicated Team Leader puts everything in order and even helps to reduce management costs. In the long run, we carry out high-quality mobile testing solutions, you get the final product. Everything is simple.

Crystal Logic Mobile App Testing ServicesCrystal Logic Mobile App

We strive to provide perfect team management service, always ensuring compliance with all project requirements, flawless development, and timely delivery of the end product.

The Quality Assurance (QA) and mobile application testing we offer will ultimately let you launch a perfectly performing software solution and avoid many potential issues of its initial operation. Crystal Logic mobile app testing services will help you save and earn more in the long run.

Crystal Logic Mobile App Testing Services

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