Our Team’s Major Priorities Our Team’s Major

Our web application development company always focuses on strict deadlines and realize how crucial it is to meet or even exceed the expectations of end users. And we know for sure that a firm reputation of our experienced team, positive reviews of our previous clients, and a good number of successfully deployed applications serve as the best reinforcement for our words.

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The main web application development traits and services at Crystal Logics include:

  • A constant striving to implement only the highest-quality software
  • In-depth expertise each & every member of the team can boast
  • Solution development according closely to the client requirements & needs
  • Regular, efficient communication with the client
  • Necessary involvement of the most efficient & innovative concepts in every project
  • Making sure that every launched application is in line with the latest technological & software advancements
  • Suggestion of solutions to fit your budget & requirements perfectly, making your project utterly cost-efficient all-around


Crystal logic is a team specializing in the development of apps for any purpose, of any complexity, with a primary focus on FinTech. We have already provided a bunch of satisfied clients with efficient software solutions. How can we help you?

Strong expertise in FinTech
expertise in FinTech
Full Stack development
Full Stack
Mobile app development
Mobile app
ECommerce website development
website development
UI/UX development
Web app development
Web app

Moreover, web app development is something that the most prominent and giant companies most definitely focus on in order to increase and maintain their customer outreach. If you perfectly realize the importance of efficient app development in operation and overall success boost when it comes to any type of business - we are ready to be your trusty experts in the cause. If you still hesitate whether your business needs any dedicated solutions - take a look through the following info below.

How Are Business Applications Useful?How are business

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Custom automation solutions can be adapted to any particular needs in the most fitting way. However, existing, readily-available, and sometimes freeware apps provide extensive capabilities as well, but cannot meet individual TA requirements as thoroughly.

Crystal Logic is an all-around service web app development company to help you get a dedicated software product that has all the needed features and capabilities. In this aspect, an individualized approach helps us make wonders. We also don’t want you to shy away from in-depth advanced, hi-tech solutions - your competitors are employing them full force without any hesitations, biting significant chunks of the market. Global user software preferences shift, change, and modernize non-stop so you need to move your business along with the corresponding pace. We provide just the web application development services that will help you with that.

Stages of web application designsTAGES OF WEB

The full-cycle web application development of any modern web app can be subdivided into several subsequent stages. And in some cases, one may need additional input and post-development corrections. Our company’s policy is to satisfy all the client needs from day 1 so as not to occupy any excessive timescale or provoke additional expenses whilst working on any given project. All in all, web application development at Crystal Logic stage-by-stage looks like the following:

1 Concept creation
Concept creation

We have creative specialists that help you visualize every detail of your future solution based on your particular needs and requirements. The concept is then passed on to our in-house designers for further web application development

Concept creation

We compose an approximate visual model of your app, point out the most efficient UI & UX methods, and settle with the basic interface elements.

Software engineering

Our programming “aces” write code for each separate interface element, implementing all the specified requirements and general concept features and capabilities

Software engineering

It’s crucial to test the performance of each and every app element to weed out bugs and compose corresponding reports for software engineers. Once those are fixed, testers check everything all over again. The process is repeated until perfect results are achieved

Final testing

This is a testing stage at which a working solution is sampled by a certain number of TA representatives - their feedback is taken on board and assessed, after which, final adjustments are made

Final testing

A readymade application is passed onto the client for the final launch.


Development of Frontend & Backend ComponentsDevelopment of Frontend

Development of Frontend & Backend Components

Our full-cycle custom web application development team works both on the user-side, frontend components and server-side, backend elements of the developed software.

We have full-stack developers whose expertise is backed up by certificates & creditations as well as previous clients’ feedback. In addition, our software engineers are able to create separate assets and components for the existing software (backend or frontend) if need be. Handling someone else’s code is super challenging, but we’re not passing on the perspective to work on anything at all, we’ll just need some additional time to handle that.

Our Technical CapabilitiesOur Technical

High-quality development of custom SaaS products is impossible without the extensive technical foundation AND skills of efficiently employing it in practice. We offer solutions that will fit your requirements closely and are essentially adjusted to target certain project goals.

The TechStack we use:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular 2+
  • ReactJs
  • Python (Django, Flask)
  • NodeJs (Express.js)
  • GoLang
  • .NET
  • React Native
  • IONIC framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • EF Core/Dapper (ORM)
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
Testing frameworks:
  • Selenium
  • Pytest
  • Jasmine
  • Jest
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Azure
  • AWS
Web Server:
  • Apache
Our in-house experts’ key SaaS software development skill set includes:
Web Front-End development

Web Front-End development

Native & Hybrid Mobile apps development icon

Native & Hybrid Mobile apps development

Code review, & much more icon

Code review, &
much more

API integration icon

API integration

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Our technical foundation, along with years of experience in this field, lets us deliver quality, efficiency, and accessibility for your business operating in such sectors as:
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Price Comparison

ERetail/Auction/ Price Comparison icon

ECommerce - B2B

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Don’t hesitate and contact us right now to discuss the details we would love to colaborate with you!