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A dedicated website is among the main modern business assets and back end development services we offer help provide its seamlessness with uninterrupted performance at any workload, which increases the loyalty of users along with the total business income.

When it comes to the website or web app backend we build, we focus on:
Accessible, simple, & fast data transfer

Accessible, simple,
& fast data transfer

Adaptation to different fields of application

Adaptation to different
fields of application

Optimization & maximum enhancement of every feature

Optimization & maximum
enhancement of every feature

Promotional flexibility

Promotional flexibility

Why Us?Why Us?

Why us

Crystal Logic is a backend development company that follows custom software engineering principles that are based on the latest efficient niche practices, advanced technologies and flexible approaches.

More than ten of our star software engineers have extensive experience in the implementation and deployment of clean, functional backend solutions that meet all modern search engine SEO standards. Our team will make sure that your web solution is functional and attractive to a wide audience of users, working according to your highest expectations. This approach in back end development services has already made dozens of companies across the globe loyal fans.

Our Area of PerformanceOur Area of Performance

We provide back end development services in industries and niches including:
  • FinTech:
    Blockchain-based solutions
    Blockchain-based solutions
    Investment platforms
    Investment platforms
  • Retail/Auction/Price Comparison
  • E-Commerce - B2B
Our Area of Performance

Basic PrinciplesBasic Principles

A dedicated backend developer at Crystal Logic has to regularly handle:
  • The creation of reliable, faultless software structures that will provide smooth & rapid web resource performance
  • Employment of advanced technologies, utilities, frameworks to meet particular project specs
  • Use of the most cost-efficient yet high-performance software tools to reach the most optimal price to quality ratio
  • Focus closely on individual client needs
  • Web solution scaling capabilities for AWS
  • Optimal load distribution that allows reducing server maintenance costs
  • Writing clean, readable code adhering to the latest programming standards frameworks and libraries (jQuery, Angular.JS, React.JS, Backbone.js)
  • Backend system manual & automated quality assurance to gran high functionality, reliability, stability, & compatibility with other software
  • End-to-end security - our backend web development always concentrates on reliable protection of both stored and transferred data
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of personal data
  • Post-release support for the agreed upon terms

What We DoWhat We Do

We implement top-of-the-line backend products based on in-depth experience and expertise in the following dev aspects

Full Stack Development
Full Stack Development (Frontend & Backend)

Crystal Logic designs and develops scalable, fail-safe web backend systems, sophisticated applications, software infrastructures, etc. In addition, we can modify and upgrade the existing codebase, architecture, data scheme to integrate legacy software with new solutions.

Mobile Backend Development Services
Mobile Backend Development Services (iOS, Android)

Development of full corporate mobile applications as well as separate mobile assets for messengers, social networks, smart and wearable devices, etc.We guarantee high quality data synchronization across multiple platforms and devices with the help of a powerful server side, enabling scalability, continuous and fast performance, all-around integration to meet various business needs.

IoT Backend Development
IoT Backend Development

Technical solutions we provide allow you to acquire internal IoT systems, optimizing workflow processes and thoroughly coordinating entire tasking systems or individual business operations. Receiving and processing data from client equipment allows you to provide the required analytical reports fast.

Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure

We create flexible server solutions that allow you to efficiently implement and scale your cloud-based systems. We possess all the technical skills to move your existing software to public, private and hybrid cloud storage, upgrading it to the required level.

We Know How to Put Expertise to PracticeWe Know How to Put

The success of our backend system implementation is based on the following key aspects


Our application development capabilities are streamlined into a package of clearly defined separate services that allow flexible customization of components, their re- deployment without risks of undermining other elements. This makes scalability simple and flexible.

Cloud Principles
Cloud Principles

Backend web development at Crystal Logic is based on the employment of AWS and Heroku services for the optimal placement of the server part based on the specifics and individual features of your business model.


Using such platforms as Express.js, Angular.js, React, Node.js, we successfully implement efficient backend development that:

  • Solve relevant & strategic tasks
  • Optimizes business growth
  • Grants fast adaptation to new tech
Data Storage
Data Storage

We will help you settle with the database type based on your particular requirements and software design specifics. We use numerous backend technologies such as SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL), and NoSQL (Redis, Elasticsearch) to protect and thoroughly process data in cloud.

Adaptation to Changes
Adaptation to Changes

Vertical and horizontal scaling techniques allow efficiently coping with the increase in software load without slowing the response time, which is especially important for eCommerce sites. The support and optimization of memory and structure in such resources allow withstanding peak traffic inflows with the least effort.


The ability to engage DevOps specialists allows you to quickly deploy server infrastructure alongside the application code. For data security purposes, it is fundamental that you set up access configurations and create backups. We rely on Jenkins and Docker to handle all that.

Don’t hesitate and contact us right now to discuss the details we would love to colaborate with you!