What Is Front End Development? What Is Front End


Web front end development is the creation of the part of the site that the client sees and where he interacts by opening a web page: visualization, interactivity, and user interface.

To understand frontend development, open any site, then click right to open the page code in the browser, this is an example of the work of the front end web developer does which is downloaded to the user's browser. The page code describes the colors, layout, fonts and the layout of graphic elements etc.The developer is engaged in creating the layout of the site template, the user interface and features that work on the client side of a website or application. A frontend developer often bangs heads with designers, programmers, and UX-analysts to create a convenient and popular product, but in truth this type of developer is a jack of all trades. Our team consists of professionals who are not only talented designers but also skilled programmers.

Tools We Use for Front End Development ProcessTools We Use for Front

Within our front end web development company we use a wide range of tools
Angular 2+
Angular 2+

Must-Have Skills of the Best Front End DeveloperMust-Have Skills of the

  • Adaptive and cross-browser layout of ready-made PSD-layouts - convenient display of the site in all browsers and on all devices
  • Layout for CMS - the creation of templates and their "stretching" for content management systems
  • Ability to cope with the design layout of any complexity
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS (Sass, LESS, Stylus)
  • Javascript
  • Valid layout - compliance with standards
  • Popular frameworks and libraries (jQuery, Angular.JS, React.JS, Backbone.js)
  • Popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
  • Search engine-optimized layout - download speed, structured code, accents for search engines, title, description, and title tags for images
  • Understanding the principles of backend construction and server technologies (Node.js, PHP, Ruby, .NET)
  • Debugging tools (Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug and others)
  • JavaScript transpilers (Babel)
  • Semantic layout - meaningful arrangement of code fragments on the page, proper use of tags, clear class names and identifiers
  • Version Control Tools (Git, GitHub, CVS)
  • Databases and query languages ​​(SQL, MySql, NoSQL, MongoDB)
  • Graphic editors (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • SEO optimization principles

Front End Development CompanyFront End Development

Our outsourcing company provides a wide range of services, including front end development. Our team of “Pro’s” will make your product as high-quality as possible.

Why choose us?

Our company collaborates with the best Ukrainian technical communities and universities and possess the motivation and enthusiasm to help you realize the perfect idea that you have in mind. We will strive to make your product one of the best on the market, with affordable costs and excellent quality. Our team consists of highly experienced engineers who are ready to take on your project head first. Do you need to evaluate and check out our skills? Feel totally free to arrange a team interview, where we will gladly answer all questions or queries you may have. Our experts have experience not solely in front end web development services using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other programming languages, but in other IT fields, such as innovative full-stack, automation testing of the highest quality, iOS and Android app development, etc.

Front-End Development Company

Why Choose Us?Why Choose Us?

Our developers are professionals that have:
  • A creative mindset. The developer must understand the appropriateness of the necessary developments and their impact
  • A creative mindset. The developer must understand the appropriateness of the necessary developments and their impact
  • A keen attention to detail. They not only write code but also check, simplify and iron it out

What Do We Provide?What Do We Provide?

Our developers will help you to:
  • Get to the market faster. Our highly experienced developers are amazingly good at developing UI for various projects. This helps to release your products much faster, thus realizing your ideas on time
  • Using their full potential. The team consists of engineers, designers, and programmers, who are all experts in their field of work. They help you to achieve the desired result by having access to all the latest tools.
  • Find an acceptable price. The cost of the project is calculated according to your requirements, needs and budget, but the benefits of is, we are an outsourcing company that has employees with different rates for front end development services.
  • Improve your business. The website will attract customers and get the desired amount of people interested in your product.
Front endWhat Do We Provide
Our highly experienced team can provide a range of services:

Front end web application development and optimization


Cross-browser and cross- platform development


Mobile development

Working with the code

Working with the code of
the site

Working with server and front-end technologies

Working with server and front end technologies

Interface design

Interface design

projection of the design

Projection of the design

Don’t hesitate and contact us right now to discuss the details we would love to colaborate with you!