What is Automation Testing?What is Automation Testing?

what is automation testing

Automated software testing is a software testing process when the basic functions and steps (launching, initializing, executing, analyzing, and outputting a result) are performed automatically by testing tools.

At first glance, this may seem like an easy process, but in fact, the entire process needs to be closely monitored by highly trained professionals in order to weed out bugs and problems. Moreover, writing an automation script requires you to know the field of activity, automate test cases and be able to choose the appropriate test automation framework.

When Is It Applied?When Is It Applied?

There are a wide range of applications for automation testing, such as:

  • Routine operations (forms that contain a large number of fields for a data set). The automated test process allows you to automatically fill in the error-free fields and also to check them after saving the entered data;
  • Rerunning tests when adjusting the software;
  • Long scenarios (end-to-end);
  • The backend that is the most difficult to reach;
  • Working with databases, file logging, database data where there is a high potential of risk error and where these errors are extremely undesirable;
  • Data with exact mathematical calculations;
  • Automating the search of data in the application, as this guarantees fast error detection.

The benefits of Automation TestingThe benefits of Automation

The benefits of Automation Testing

Here are the main advantages of automation over manual testing:

  • Efficiency. Automated software testing takes less time;
  • Time-saving. It allows testers to switch to other duties and perform other useful activities;
  • All created autotest will adhere to one verification algorithm;
  • Quick results. A person doesn't need to verify the intermediate results to confirm the correctness;
  • Results are easy to process, reports are easy to distribute;
  • Reusable. Written once, the test script can be used in the future with the next update of the project;
  • Practically all types of tests can occur on a schedule without human intervention;
  • Working without a graphical user interface. It often happens in the early stages of the development of a software product, this interface is not consistent yet;
  • Emulation of multi-user work for stress testing. If your program requires multi-user mode support, you can run it for several days to see what will happen. Testing allows you to flexibly emulate multi-user work as you need it.
  • Status check. Automated testing is a great way to confirm that the application is still functioning properly after changes have been made.
  • Opportunity for developers to contribute to tests. Tests are written in the same language as the application, but it is always better to entrust it to the professionals.

Types of Automation TestingTypes of Automation Testing

  • Functional testing. This is a test that verifies compliance with functional requirements and evaluate security solutions.
  • Non-functional testing. It helps to evaluate the availability of the system or just how well the system works.
  • Structural testing. This type verifies the implementation of a program or code by testing the structure of a software system or its components.
  • Change testing. Testing of changes is provided to ensure the correction of previous errors that may be accidentally repeated in the new version.
  • Regression testing. Using this type of testing, developers find bugs caused by improved application features.
Types of Automation Testing

Automation Testing CompanyAutomation Testing Company

Automation Testing Company

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What Do We Test?What Do We Test?


Unit tests are testing one code module in an isolated environment while integration tests check some components of the system, usually consisting of many modules.


An API is a set of functions that you can call to retrieve some data. If your application has an API, then you can test it by sending pre-prepared requests and comparing the response with the expected one.


GUI is a graphical interface or what the user sees on the screen. This is perhaps the most difficult thing to test.

Tools for Automation Testing ServicesTools for Automation Testing

Automation testing solutions includes software used to create, set up, execute, and analyze the results of tests.

Unit tests are testing one code module in an isolated environment while integration tests check some components of the system, usually consisting of many modules.

Criteria of choice:

  • Recognition of controls in the application;
  • Time spent on script support;
  • Convenience for writing new scripts.
Tools for Automation Testing Services

Here are the tools we use at our automation testing company:

Coded UI
Coded UI
IBM Rational Functional Tester
IBM Rational Functional Tester
Katalon Studio
Katalon Studio
Appium / XCUITest
Appium / XCUITest

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