Benefits of SaaSBenefits of SaaS

When it comes to SaaS solutions, we can define a number of competitive advantages:
Icon Cost efficient
Cost-efficient technical maintenance & support
icon The flexibility
The flexibility of SaaS services allows dropping all the “rented” software as soon as the required project goals are achieved
icon Accelerated-market
Accelerated market introduction (due to reduced software development life cycle)
Icon No need to purchase
No need to purchase software licenses or paying plan fees - everything is included in the price of your software package
Icon High
High software accessibility & mobility (cloud software can be accessed remotely via any device connected to the web)
Icon High level of data
High level of data security & centralized data management
Icon Pay for particular
Pay for particular separate features you need to use
Icon No need in the
No need in the hiring of staff system administrators & tech support experts
icon Out line
SaaS architecture can have single- or multi-user access depending on your needs
Icon No need to
No need to install software - you just access the server
Icon No software
No software update expenses - this is an SaaS development company’s responsibility

SaaS-Based Software F.A.QSaaS-Based Software

It is commonly known that remote-access software is the best fit for small and midsized companies with moderate budgets, weak technical foundations, and small staff numbers. At the same time, SaaS contracts can be pretty high-status and cost from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of bucks (Aston Martin, TripAdvisor).
All the client data is their authentic, untouchable property protected by our software security features. All the involved data can be archived and extracted from our servers at any given time. In any case, an SaaS development company that insists on acquiring rights to your personal data shouldn’t be trusted or dealt with.
For example, within own staff, all SaaS developers have corresponding licenses, which means they had to go through a data center protection audit based on the leading American audit standard SAS70 Type II. This guarantees that SaaS storage are all-around secured, connected to the backup energy source, have alternative network access channels, and can only be physically accessed with the required biometric data.
Corporate proprietary software may be more flexible than cloud-based solutions in certain scenarios. However the progress doesn’t stand still. Modern and getting a modern SaaS solution you can customize the interface, select types of displayed data, conduct analysis, manage report and add or remove certain features and capabilities, etc.
It is common practice for providers of SaaS application development services to make prepayments to hosting companies. These hostings will continue to store all the info even if something goes wrong with the SaaS provider. Moreover, all companies specialising in SaaS development services should be ready to sign a partner agreement regarding the level of provided service where all the instances, format, and volume of data to be stored and returned are specified.
A few years ago, this was the main argument of the proprietary software against the SaaS model. Nowadays, all the data is cached and can be accessed offline. Once you get back online, all your tweaks and changes are synchronized with the source storage.

About Crystal Logic About Crystal Logic

The main focus of Crystal Logic is the client and project's goal. From the very beginning, our software development process was built to support crystal clear communication between every customer and our team. We do understand what Service means and do our best to provide the client with exceptional quality in a specified time.

SaaS application development requires good experience and technical expertise, at Crystal Logic we specialise in providing innovative Full-Stack, Web, and Mobile app development services of the highest quality. In terms of our SaaS app development, we create Python/Django-based solutions that can be edited and corrected at any stage of the project life cycle. We prefer this stack exactly for it’s flexibility, along with the scalability it potentially offers.

About Crystal Logic

What We DoWhat We Do

what we do

In-depth expertise and extensive experience allow our specialists to build some of the best SaaS for you to boost your business efficiency.

In particular, we do:
  • Full Stack Development (Frontend & Backend)
  • Mobile Apps development (iOS, Android)
  • UI/UX development
  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance

Our Technical CapabilitiesOur Technical

High-quality development of custom SaaS products is impossible without the extensive technical foundation AND skills of efficiently employing it in practice. We offer solutions that will fit your requirements closely and are essentially adjusted to target certain project goals.

The TechStack we use:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular 2+
  • ReactJs
  • Python (Django, Flask)
  • NodeJs (Express.js)
  • GoLang
  • .NET
  • React Native
  • IONIC framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • EF Core/Dapper (ORM)
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
Testing frameworks:
  • Selenium
  • Pytest
  • Jasmine
  • Jest
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Azure
  • AWS
Web Server:
  • Apache
Our in-house experts’ key SaaS software development skill set includes:
Web Front-End development

Web Front-End development

Native & Hybrid Mobile apps development icon

Native & Hybrid Mobile apps development

Code review, & much more icon

Code review, &
much more

API integration icon

API integration

PSD to HTML icon


Our technical foundation, along with years of experience in this field, lets us deliver quality, efficiency, and accessibility for your business operating in such sectors as:
ERetail/Auction/ Price Comparison icon

Price Comparison

ERetail/Auction/ Price Comparison icon

ECommerce - B2B

FinTech icon


Logistics icon


Top-10 Reasons to Go for Crystal LogicOTop-10 Reasons to Go

1 1

Before launching a project, we thoroughly analyze your business niche. The niche experience is always a great addition to our own expertise, helping us to find ways to make your project really stand out among the competition

2 2

We provide schematic “sketches” of our SaaS development services - UI prototypes with the markup of the future solution and such

3 3

We employ AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Aurora, Cognito) for cloud-based products with an increased stress-load

4 4

We compose frontend requirements, specifying the needs for an adaptive version and code (comments, subdivision by templates, SEO requirements) of the testing environment

5 5

We conduct “QA” as well as manual testing and automated UI testing, we work with Codecepetion and PHP Unit, configure NGINX, apache, and win servers

6 6

We select an optimal VPS provider, cloud server or cloud-based hosting for you

7 7

We employ “tried-and-tested” advanced technologies for granting cross-browser compatibility

8 8

Do you strive in letting your business flourish? We build software architectures that are all-around scalable from the get-go

9 9

We come up with the best expert-driven solutions for implementing certain project parts. All you have to do is define the key business needs and goals - we handle all the rest

10 10

Entrusting your project to Crystal Logic - rest easy, everything is to be implemented with top-notch quality and in clear and simple terms

Our Software Implementation Services Step by StepOur Software

Working with every project, we go by the following software
implementation route:
  • Competitive environment research - we outclass your competitors
  • Prototype creation, specification composition, SEO planning
  • Draft project
  • Design of particular elements
  • Frontend - HTML coding and implementation of the Front design
  • Backend - design of databases, their processing, integration with other systems and apps
  • Testing of the finished product, correction of flaws and errors
  • Configuration of the server and SEO tools
  • Project launch
Our Software Implementation Services Step by Step.svg

What You Get With Crystal Logics SoftwareWhat You Get With

what we do
  • Significant reductions in regular corporate expenses (no need to pay for a license, compensate the work of programmers, admins, etc.)
  • Extensive range of analysis & reporting tools
  • Implementation of niche-oriented mobile solutions
  • Accelerated financial periods
  • Faster & more precise information distribution amongst employees
  • Faster & cheaper staff education
  • Saved time on finding & implementing the required software, prolonging licenses, etc. for the company management


A consultant inspects the specifics of your company, its projects, tactical and strategic goals in detail, gaining enough essential knowledge to offer you the best solution for particular cases.
It depends on what you are using at the moment. If we can, we will modernize and improve your software to a certain extent.˚
Once we make a deal, you will get a dedicated expert assigned to your project that keeps you up to date with all points the project implementation progress.
We have a 24/7 available tech support team to help you out with any questions - feel free to call at any time.

Crystal Logics at Your ServiceCrystal Logics at Your

Our team has over 20 highly experienced engineers with everyone being ready to become a friendly addition to your project, and to you personally.

We are eager and ready to pass an interview - don't hesitate to schedule one in order to evaluate our level of proficiency - you will not be disappointed!

Our team are always ready to answer any questions you may have, take the time to contact us.

SAAS Crystal Logics at Your Service

Don’t hesitate and contact us right now to discuss the details we would love to colaborate with you!