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Crystal Logic - who we are and what we do!

Crystal Logic is a young, fast-growing company that was founded in 2018 in Lviv, one of the largest IT centers in Ukraine, by three friends and colleagues: Anatolyi Khlebick, Andriy Yurenya, and Serhiy Romaniv. Back then the founders were engaged in developing their own startup as an independent team. However, when a customer turned to them for help, they decided to start their own company. Today, the portfolio of our company includes more than 20 successful projects for clients from Australia, Europe, and the USA.

At Crystal Logic, teams specialize in modern web & mobile development and consist of the most passionate developers, QA engineers, designers, and innovators with an average working experience of more than 6 years throughout the team. Our specialists are capable of applying advanced knowledge of such technologies: ReactJS and React Native, Angular, NodeJS, JavaScript, Python, etc. For all our clients, we always use an individual approach. Our experience allows us to apply only proven business solutions and deep knowledge in the field of technical development.

We consider ourselves good not only in programming, testing, and design. Among our main advantages are availability, a well-organized workflow, attention to detail, and understanding customer needs, which makes us a great asset for our partners.

In Crystal Logic, we carry out all projects with excitement and the skills we have and help our customers increase business capacity and profits.

Let’s work together!

Founding teamFounding team


Anatoliy Khlebick

Chief Executive Officer
anatoliy@crystalogic.net +380 67 671 47 14

Anatoliy is a result-oriented visionary leader and business development specialist with almost 10 years of experience with technologies. Is the decision-maker on business strategy and other key policy issues. Started as a JavaScript developer, he later took an interest in entrepreneurship. His sociability and desire to win helps a lot with the day-to-day CEO tasks.

Andriy Yurenya

Chief Operating Officer
andrew@crystalogic.net +380 67 326 98 02

Andriy has over 10 years of commercial experience, but his interest in coding roots back in his studying programming at the university. Values independence and attention to detail. Is tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business. He jokingly says that the main job of any Chief Operating Officer is to “put out fires” by adapting and coming up with quick solutions.


Serhiy Romaniv

Chief Technical Officer
serhii@crystalogic.net +380 63 989 32 60

Serhiy has been developing digital projects for 10 years now and is always in search of the latest updates in the field. His main focus is choosing accurate and promising technologies to be used both in specific projects and in the company in general. He is convinced that it’s essential for him as a CTO to learn how to solve unsolvable problems and motivate others to do the same.