Benefits of Hybrid Applications Benefits of Hybrid

Benefits of Hybrid Applications

A native application doesn’t need the Internet to function, all the functionality is available on your phone. The simplest example of this is single-player games.

A hybrid is more of a programming approach than a special kind of application. Its main function is that everything possible is programmed on the server side, while the necessary minimum remains on the client side. When developing a native app, you will have to pay for full functionality, and in the case of a hybrid, only for the native functions. The price of hybrid mobile app development depends on what native functions are needed in the application and how they are to be used, with a standard business application (GPS, camera, Internet), the savings can be up to 3-4 times. A fully native application will cost up to 4 times higher than a hybrid mobile one.

It is well worth saying that hybrid web mobile apps have a lot of advantages over native applications:
  • One cross-platform solution costs lower than the separate development of native applications for iOS and Android. If you are not ready to empty your wallet in pursuit of perfect application then hybrid mobile application development is your option
  • Design speed, high functionality, and personalization for the user
  • Working simultaneously with iOS and Android. Developers is not limited to one platform, instead, they can create a hybrid application that will work within several platforms
  • Access to two markets at once: AppStore/Google Play, and covering more users. In this way the number of potential users doubles along with the chance that your application will be downloaded
  • Startups and IT industry giants are already using hybrid mobile applications
  • A good option for developers who create visually rich applications, (for example, games)
  • Flexibility regarding market requirements

Tools for Hybrid App DevelopmentTools for Hybrid App


It is written in C# using .NET, has components for calling implemented native elements, that's why the compiled application works essentially as a native one.

React NativeReact native

This hybrid framework is similar to Xamarin. The creation of screen elements occurs at the same time as the process of opening on a mobile phone and interpreting scripts in JS. The idea is to invoke any native components using the JavaScript binders and realize the native application with the appropriate speed.


Implementation in HTML + JS of calls of native functions plugins. The benefit is the ease of adaptation for web developers because of its similarity to a mobile site in creation.

WebView + JS functions

This is the same Phonegap, but if you cut off 90% of ancient growths and store files not in the application resources, but on the server. One of the main advantages is the addition of certain functions to suit your taste for easier hybrid application development.

Sencha TouchSencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a leading MVC JavaScript framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications that facilitate the process of hybrid application development using HTML5 and javascript. It uses hardware acceleration techniques to provide high-performance mobile user interface components. With over 50 built-in user interface components and viewing themes for all major mobile platforms, Sencha Touch provides everything you need to create impressive applications that run on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and many others. Adaptive layout, smooth animation, and great scrolling allows our developers to create applications that respond to user actions almost instantly, like native technologies.


It offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS components and tools for creating interactive hybrid and progressive web applications. Ionic has a range of exclusive features and is actually classed as one of the best in the development of hybrid mobile apps. The clear, simple and functional Ionic platform was designed to work seamlessly and display on all modern mobile devices and platforms.

Onsen UIOnsen UI

It is a relatively new framework, however, it challenges existing heavy platforms, especially Ionic. Directives and top-level frameworks are used for most of the user interface components in Onsen UI.

M Project

This is a mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework that is used to build cross mobile web applications. One of its main characteristics is the fact that the M Project easily integrates with PhoneGap to help create the application. This simple framework is used for rapid hybrid application development.


Essentially that's an open-source mobile HTML application, which integrates seamlessly with PhoneGap and Cordova for hybrid mobile app development. It can freely use the open-source framework and also help change the appearance of the application using CSS.

Hybrid App Development Company Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development Company

A cross-platform application might be the right choice when you need to save on a budget, create a relatively simple application or rapidly develop an application for at least 2 platforms.

To create a hybrid application, you will need one programmer instead of two, which helps to save considerably.Before getting started, we will always ask the client about their strategy and goals regarding the application, transforming stories into user requirements, We understand which technology will be the most appropriate for the implementation of customer designs.Our outsourcing company provides a range of services, including hybrid app development and hybrid mobile app development. Our team consists of proficient developers who know what they are doing and how to do it right.

What Do We Provide?What Do We Provide?

If you have a rough idea for a future project we will make an approximate estimate for it. Then we can supply the full terms of reference and calculate the exact cost and terms needed.

If you already have a detailed technical task, our team will make an accurate estimate and indicate the timing of the project development.If you already have an application and want to develop it further, our hybrid app development company will make sure to help you with this! Contact us if you need to add new functionality or methodically develop an existing application. We provide customized hybrid app development services across multiple devices. This in turn helps the customer to reach a wide range of audiences in the fastest possible time frame.

we provide
Our hybrid mobile application development services include:
  • Conceptualization & Wireframes
  • UI Hybrid Mobile App Design & Development
  • Development & Integration
  • UAT Testing
  • Deployment
Technologies we are especially good at:
  • Cordova frameworks for building applications for each platform
  • Angular and Ionic frameworks for JavaScript
  • Jade template language for generating HTML code
  • SASS - CSS markup extension
  • Automatically testing the application

Why Choose Us?Why Choose Us?

What do you get by ordering a project from our hybrid app development company?
  • Experience - our team consists of experienced professionals
  • Expertise - our experts have real industry knowledge
  • Individual approach - we focus on the uniqueness of your business
  • Real cases - the experience of our customers speaks for us
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