Types of Mobile AppsTypes of Mobile Apps

There are several common types of mobile applications for modern smartphones, which our native app development company as well as many others provide. Each has certain specifics.

Native applications are designed for specific mobile platforms and installed directly on the device. A unique feature of native solutions is that they can access and use device hardware capabilities, in particular, a camera, GPS sensors, accelerometer, contact list, etc.

mob web apps

Mobile web apps are not essentially applications. These are web resources that look and perform to some extent like native mobile software, but cannot replace it completely. They are launched via any browser and aren’t limited in platform compatibility.

hybrsd apps

Hybrid apps combine native and web approaches. Like native solutions, they are downloaded and installed onto the device while operating through a browser and having access to hardware features of a mobile device.

Native Development BenefitsNative Development

  • High level of performance. Native solutions are tailored for particular operating systems, which allows for more thorough optimization and eventual smoothness of performance. Native code works hand in hand with the operating environment, providing fast response times and immediate loading;
  • Offline performance. Native apps are proprietary, meaning they, basically, don’t need any Internet connection to work.
  • Security. Native app development is a sure way to guarantee reliable user data protection without undermining it with online hacking opportunities and flaws of web technologies.
  • Better interaction & intuitiveness. Native software provides superior user experience by following specific platform-dictated UI/UX standards.

Native Mobile App DevelopmentNative Mobile App

Native Mobile App Development

At Crystal Logic, we provide native app development services based on advanced related tools and frameworks that help us deliver prominent solutions fast at affordable prices. For instance, we lead native mobile application development in React Native - a framework created by Facebook specialists.

  • Reusable code. Use readymade patches of native code over and over again in different projects to save time and money
  • Customization tools. The platform allows building solutions that are highly customizable and offer extensive personalization capabilities
  • Flexibility. Using React Native, we can build you an app that is multipurpose and has numerous interactive elements

Stage of Native Mobile App Development at Crystal LogicWStage of Native Mobile

Planning & estimation

Once we initialize a new development project, we conduct the necessary estimates and compose a workflow plan. At this stage, specialists study the technical documentation, calculate how much time will be needed for development and testing, and draw up an approximate technical task that describes:

  • List of major tasks
  • Total budget of the project

This is where we get more in-depth, analyze substantial aspects of the project, and make the technical reference more precise and detailed based on the research. It ultimately allows us to establish:

  • Software functionality specifics
  • Stage-by-stage project plan
  • Detailed budget distribution
  • Basic UI markup
Prototype implementation

The interface gradually comes to life, with an initial prototype becoming clickable. Prototyping solutions at this stage are, essentially, carcasses with minimum functional elements that are prepared for more in-depth prototyping procedures.

Native app design

Our analysts pass the graphic design markup to designers who start their work on the visuals and main chunks of the interface. Screen maps, graphic elements and details are drawn up.

Software development

Coding commences right after there is a clear tech reference and basic design at hand. Standardly, we employ Java + Kotlin for Android and Objective-C + Swift for iOS. The major software coding efforts result in the functioning solution that can be tested in polished further in terms of design.

Testing & bugfixing

Testing is carried out at almost every stage of development from the moment of tech reference composition. But the main work of the tester begins at the moment when the application is partially or fully ready in its "draft" functional version. After the successful completion of the testing and bugfixing stage, we get:

  • Minimized bugs
  • Pre-release version of the solution

Based on the testing reports, necessary edits and corrections are made. Once all the results are approved, the app is uploaded to the respective digital app market complying properly with all the policies and goes into the public use.

Tech support & maintenance

After the app is finished, the team continues to maintain it and fix newly-appearing bugs. We make sure that your solution carves its niche and doesn’t let users down during the initial launch of its fully-functional version.

Native App Development at Crystal LogicNative App Development

We can deliver an impeccably performing solution with equally impressive UX on both iOS and Android. Thus, your future native application will be:
  • Simple to customize & configure. In terms of our native app development services, we provide solutions that don’t have any additional layers between the software code and program file
  • Informative & maintained. Each and every solution we deliver has a full set of documentation as well as an individually assigned tech support team.
  • Business-boosting. High performance, impeccable UI, and smooth UX bring user satisfaction which increases the overall brand loyalty of your target audience and boosts profits in the long run
native app dev

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