User interface designUser interface design

User interface design we provide will help you save budget by avoiding common pitfalls, get the most out of the services your employ, and enhance your business overall with the interface and user experience design of impeccable quality. We will get you a solution that is guaranteed to strike the eye of your target audience users and leave them satisfied.

At Crystal Logic, we approach app design thoroughly. After all, it is extremely important to make the interface natural and organically intertwined with the basic software functionality. It is necessary to take into account all the details and features of the project, including the user environment, as well as the common types of user gadgets. Every little thing is important when it comes to high-quality user experience.

Complex UI/UX Design we provide will let you:

Convert random site
Convert random site visitors or app users into monetized clients

We evaluate key features and properly set priorities so that your target audience is not bombarded with loads of unnecessary information and user interface elements. We enable users to quickly find their way around your software and implement target actions.

Vividly demonstrate your project
Vividly demonstrate your project to investors/users/clients

We make sure that your project is most favorably judged by its cover and investors fall in love with what you have in store. Let us help you accelerate your solution’s market introduction and start getting profits.

Vividly demonstrate your project
Save on software development & support

We provide UI/UX design that saves you from unobvious pitfalls and unexpected edits, meaning that you won’t go bankrupt on further corrections of the end product. We also provide all-around software maintenance after its release.

UX/UI Design as an Underlying Attribute
of Your Site or AppUX/UI Design

An authentic modern online resource or application should lure in the target audience at a glance and leave a long-fading first impression. Thus, confusing and incomprehensible navigation elements should be avoided at all costs. UI/UX design as a whole is an interesting combination of 3 characteristics: visual design, software engineering finesse, and a fair amount of psychological impact. To develop the best UI/UX design, three major components must be noted:

Simple, accessible
Clear purpose of
the solution

We have in-house designers that analyze user experience design from the users’ point of view to deliver the most successful results. They have good command in brand awareness-boosting mechanisms and put their skills of psychological influence to the test with every other project implementation. All in all, we offer UI/UX design services that will help you keep your software solution coherent, accessible, and highly satisfactory among users due to the perspective we take on when working on the tiniest user elements.

UI Design image

UI & UX Design Services We OfferUI & UX Design Services

Crystal Logic employs different approaches to fit different business needs and client requirements. Our knowledge and experience allow us to achieve essential goals within reasonable deadlines. We use advanced software and keep up with the most relevant niche trends to give you extensive app design opportunities.:

UI UX Design Services We Offer

The main goals we pursue with the UX we provide include:

  • Clear definition of what your particular solution leads to in the long run, its gist, and general idea
  • Employment of proper tools and assets for individual cases
  • Thorough analysis of every tiny detail to meet the highest expectations of end users

We provide a full range of UI/UX design services, including the composition of software creation tech reference, estimation of overall project reasonability, and usability testing. The app design development process is complex. Many important things can shift and change during the ongoing software engineering workflow. Our team has all the experience and expertise to timely prevent occasional issues and meet unexpected challenges head-on.

For that, we try to structure the process of the project implementation by dividing everything into 4 major steps:

1 1
Request analysis &
goal definition

Our developers carefully sort out all crucial project data. We settle with the target audience, its needs, and work out an approximate engagement strategy. Only after a detailed analysis of the project data we can identify an acceptable solution format and start developing a design strategy.

2 2
Market research

We thoroughly inspect the specifics of the client’s business - the general situation on the market for services or goods, the most interesting competitor offers, and main points that make the project stand out in the particular commercial environment.

3 3
Project structure

Having determined the purpose of the solution and set the goals, our team of specialists develops a simple and logical project structure that allows efficiently “walking” users throughout its pages, tabs or screens.

4 4
Original design

When we commence creating a design, we always diligently analyze all possible user experience scenarios. We develop several working layouts and prototypes, as well as thoroughly draw each user interface element.

Features of UI designFeatures of UI design

Features Of UI Design

User Interface Design is a concept that describes a specific set of graphic elements with technical purposes. That includes all sorts of elements of the site or app, such as buttons, checkboxes, selectors, and other fields. We consider the following important points to provide the UI that satisfies and impresses:

  • Structured UI elements. All the UI components must be logically placed, grouped by attributes, and properly interconnected.
  • Proper aspect ratio. A truly good interface properly scales and is viewed without any prominent issues from any devices and screens with any resolution.
  • UI wholesomeness. It’s all about how everything looks in a bunch - the first impression is worth a thousand words and the more inviting and pleasant your solution looks overall, the more chances you get to expand your TA & acquire more loyal customers.

Why choose us?Why choose us?

It’s simple and efficient to work with Crystal Logic. In big part because:
  • We cooperate based on a deal - every project is reinforced and protected by an agreement we make initially with a new partner.
  • We do everything in time - no need to worry about deadlines or try to control every step of your dedicated team - we guarantee timely completion of tasks.
  • We keep in touch 24/7 - an individually assigned Team Leader will always discuss any nuances with you, clarify complicated points, and communicate any details to the team and vice versa.
Why choose us

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