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Setting up your Research & Development department with a perfectly balanced development team is key to business success. Hiring a unit formed just for your needs saves you time and guarantees high performance. You don't have to worry about the members' compatibility, and they are ready to start right away!

A close analysis of your business needs and requests allows forming a team of 2-5 members, considering the project's technical requirements and budget. The team then joins your company remotely, which makes another reason to consider outstaff -- the vendor (us) covers all the office expenses and supports the team.

Already have a team, but feel that you can achieve more? Keep up with the high industry pace by expanding your current developers' team with outstaff developers. Remote personnel employment in response to the changing market might be just right for you. One or two developers managed by PM can become a real turning point.

Why we are a good fit?
  • Networking.
    We are closely connected to the tech communities and top universities in Ukraine.
  • Expertise.
    We have the knowledge, the people, and the right business model. We have the motivation and the passion that lead us to question the rule to attain the exception.
  • Close to the action.
    We are working together with companies to help them build, incubate, and scale high calibre, dedicated technology teams to deliver affordable technical solutions with quality at their core.
  • It’s all about the results.
    Our unique business model combines thoughtful, robust and vibrant Agile start-up culture with creative problem solvers. We strive to do better for the best.
About Ukraine/Lviv
Ukraine Lviv

Founded in 2018 in Lviv by a team of like-minded Ukrainians who had a vision of setting up an unrivaled information technology business, Crystal Logic is a company specialized in offshore web IT solutions, fully committed to developing key projects with outstanding outcomes for mature as well as emerging markets.

Ukraine’s IT industry is among Europe’s best, striking $4.5 billion in 2020 thanks to a highly skilled IT workforce, reaching as high as 185,000 IT professionals today.

According to the statistics, Lviv has over 21 thousand IT specialists, one of the highest numbers per capita in Ukraine.

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