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If you still don't have an app dedicated to your restaurant business, you need to get the thing up and running as soon as possible. Statista predicts the total number of mobile shoppers to grow up to 2.6 billion by 2025! And this is not the only reason by far.

In 2015, the number of online orders almost completely stamped out the number of orders made over the phone. A bit earlier than that, around 2011, people and phones started merging into one, with smartphones offering unprecedented shopping opportunities. How did it all happen?


Historical background

The first fruits of food delivery development can be traced back to 1995 when World Wide Waiter developed the first online delivery service. Later the initiative will be taken up by pizzerias. At the same time, the status of online delivery is increasing in the public eye. In 2002, Safeway launched online delivery, in 2004, GrubHub, delivery.com, and Snapfinger appeared.

By 2010, OpenRest and EAT Club were launched, allowing ordering from both PC and phone. In 2012, Instacart and Doordash were launched, offering users a full-on mobile app! In 2014, Los Angeles gets Uber Eats while Wolt appears in Helsinki. In 2017, Facebook offers users the ability to order food through their service. Users can now order food directly from the restaurant's Facebook page.

Delivery App Development IndustryDelivery App

How’s the market looking today? Current trends and tendencies of food delivery solutions development include the following.

Business needs image
Food delivery startups

COVID-19 has made product shipping a lucrative business. In turn, this has made the future of startups more predictable. Reducing prices for food delivery mobile app development makes the app a profitable investment.

Grocery delivery software

Grocery stores of different sizes are increasingly providing contactless purchases and grocery delivery via either third-party services or their own dedicated apps. In today’s realities, this comes in as an especially relevant option that forms a big chunk of the niche.

Restaurant delivery software
Restaurant delivery software

Food delivery application development provides solutions that allow restaurants to also stay remote in today’s operating conditions by organizing an in-house delivery service or partnering up with some of the existing services.

Pizza ordering software
Pizza ordering software

What certainly makes pizza ordering software so great is the ability to customize pizza whichever way you like by simply dragging and dropping all the ingredients. This is the ultimate personalization tool.

Food Delivery App Solution Food Delivery App

Food delivery app development provides a bunch of benefits for customers,
establishments, and delivery services alike.

For users
For users

First of all, high-quality delivery app development is always personalized, allowing, for instance, customers that don’t really like making live calls to make an order in a few taps. You can also easily keep track of delivery stages. A single delivery app can conveniently serve as a hub where you can order from all sorts of restaurants in your city.

And, of course, if some service did not suit the user, he can easily change one application to another. And on top of saving the busiest of our kin tons of priceless time, online food delivery app development gives everybody the much sought-after freedom through customization - you can handpick all the ingredients and cooking specifics.

For restaurants
For restaurants

With a dedicated city-wide delivery solution, restaurants get to expand their field of service beyond local customers. At the same time, an app makes it easier for new customers to discover new restaurants - it’s all about the quality of marketing!

The underlying principles of application design are pushing for better customer retention. Newsletters, special offers, hot promotions, and other methods of interaction constantly remind users of what their favorite restaurants have in store.

For delivery provider
For delivery provider

The decentralization that apps give to workers and employers cannot be overstated. Probably, without applications during the pandemic, delivery services would not have been able to achieve the demand they have achieved by now.

On top of that, apps usually provide cashless payment options, which has actually been a big issue in the past. Now users can pick the way they prefer to pay for products and services.

On-demand food delivery app development set off a full-on rehaul in the food delivery niche, allowing to create decentralized networks that conveniently connect administrators, operators, delivery personnel, agents, and other employees.

Food Delivery App Development ServicesFood Delivery App

Now, let’s take a look at the most basic yet ingenious structure of your usual food delivery app solution. It commonly consists of the following major elements.

Food delivery management system

A food delivery management system is the underlying aggregator of orders that ties up different restaurants, which forms the foundation of the functionality. Here are the other essential features:

Restaurant menu
Restaurant menu

Food delivery app development streamlines the customers’ choice of food delivery options by collecting menus of numerous establishments in a single app. This saves customers a lot of time and effort in deciding what to order.

Ratings & reviews
Ratings & reviews

As another crucial element of the app, customers should be able to rate and review restaurants and delivery services, and these ratings and reviews must be conveniently indicated.

Nearby restaurants
Nearby restaurants

The app should also be able to track the geolocation and offer a selection of nearby restaurants to order food from.

Food delivery

Food delivery tracking system

An important task for your food delivery app developer is also to implement a handy tracking system that enables customers to monitor the delivery guy’s journey in real time. This calls for a reach into hardware functionality and synchronization of GPS data.

Food Delivery App Development Cost Food Delivery App

Food delivery cost

There are multiple factors that affect the total price of an application, but the average price tag ranges between $70-$150 thousand dollars, provided the development took approximately 3,000 man-hours, with specialists’ rates set at $50 per hour. A food delivery application development company will set a price that will depend on the scope of functionality, the complexity of the backend, and the intricacy of frontend development. It all comes down to the total hours a food delivery app development company will spend on this or that part of the application.

If you want to estimate your project right now - leave a submission on our website and we will help you calculate the approximate cost of food delivery app development services in your case.

Hire Food Top-Tier Delivery App DevelopersChaHire Food Top-Tier

With all said and done, you can only develop a food delivery app that defines the market with a thorough approach carried out by savvy specialists. No matter whether you are working with a single specialist or with a whole team - collaborating with a reliable food app development company is a must.

Experienced professionals will help you set the most optimal format of the food delivery application development workflow and tailor other underlying processes to your needs and capacities. Drop us a line to partner up with experienced specialists at Crystalogic and create the next big thing with our dedicated expertise.

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